Sunday, August 8, 2010

Phoenix Tattoos Designs

Phoenix Tattoos Phoenix Tattoos Phoenix Tattoos Phoenix Tattoos Phoenix Tattoos Phoenix tattoos are some of the most astounding bird tattoos one can get, their design and colors creating some of the most spectacular bird tattoo designs known to man.

The legend of the phoenix is one that is shared by many cultures across the globe at its core representing a form of resurrection of rebirth by fire. As such it is important to note that phoenix tattoos as opposed to other designs have a definite purpose and significance and one needs to be aware of these before one goes ahead with the tattoo.

Phoenix tattoos represent rebirth or renewal, and usually the process is a spiritually violent one, and as such the phoenix is the ideal symbol for that, starting a new after burning away its former life.
The Egyptian myths talk about an ancient bird with a song so wonderful that it had a magical effect on humans. This creature was said to live in the desert for five hundred years and then at the end of its life burn in a blaze of fire only to be reborn out of its own ashes and live for another half of millennia. The Chinese talk of a mythical bird made up of parts from other animals with multi-colored feathers, each symbolizing something different. And those are only two of the myths that surround the phoenix and implicitly that influence the meaning of phoenix tattoos.

When you deal with such powerful motifs and reasons, one needs to be aware of the fact that in order for the phoenix to represent you it has to become a literary large part of your life and as such many phoenix tattoos have to be large and imposing, many wearers of phoenix tattoos in fact choosing to have them done on their backs because they consider that�s the only way that they can show the symbol and themselves the respect that it and they deserve; because let�s not forget this is the sign of a new beginning.

Some phoenix tattoos combine the styles of tribal tattoos and lower back tattoos to create beautiful works that span the entire width of one�s back or shoulders while some can take on an epic look and feel, and sometimes even scale, like the traditional japanese tattoos, in this case the phoenix motif being wrapped around one�s torso, arm or entire body.

While phoenix tattoos have their well known symbolism their impact comes mostly from the colors that will be used, and this is one other reason why phoenix tattoos need to be large, they need to be able to show the wonderful shades of yellow, red and gold that the image of a phoenix sparks up in your minds when we think about it.

Phoenix tattoos represent great change, modification, a new beginning and as such they shouldn�t be taken lightly. These aren�t supposed to be subtle or small like butterfly tattoos or fairy tattoos because they represent a completely different concept, the beginning of a new road as a new person aware of what had gone before but completely shed of its consequences, it is truly a wonderful symbol to live by.

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